Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Steelwork Detailing – Shop Drawings Services

We are a Structural Engineering & Consulting firm based in Ahmadabad, India. With a dedicated and qualified team of personnel, we are able to provide Detailing & Drafting Services


Marking plans for erection of structural Steel
Fabrication shop detail drawings
Assembly Drawings
Part Drawings
Connection Details
DWG, Excel, PDF & DXF files available:
Report files such as Material List, Assembly List, Parts List, Assembly Parts List, Handrail List
available in customisable comma delimited files for import into programs such as Microsoft
Access, Excel etc.

We are following all the country specific code and standards as per requirement.

You can also get a Free Quotation from us at the earliest by sending the basic sketches/drawings at

For more details please visit our website 
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